A New Chapter

A New Chapter

*clears throat* Hello… It’s me…

Before you attack, just let me say my awkward apology/explanation

  1. Yes, I’ve been a bad girl
  2. Yes, I’ve been M.I.A.
  3. No, I don’t have a valid excuse. I mean I do, but you’ll probably roll your eyes anyhow
  4. Yes, I am EXTREMELY sorry

BUT…. I missed you and I have so many stories and gist for you all. So, love me anyway? Please? I’ll do better this time.

So the main gist isssss

TATASHEY AND BAE got married!!!

I bet some of you are happy/shocked like

And the rest are like

Regardless, the wedding day was beautiful and planning it was an epic experience (read: full of drama, eye-rolling, laughs, fun, and I-don’t-care-just-pick-a-damn-color!). If you know me, you should know that I’ll be spending the next couple of weeks sharing the best and worst less fun parts of my planning experience in a series because I can’t help but share my laughs and tears. 

I’ll also be sharing some plans for Tatashey as we go along and maybe if I’m so inclined, the occasional photo from the wedding/honeymoon at the end of each post. But I’m shy so don’t hold your breath too long. Here’s another little teaser though.


Anyway, I’ll keep this one short. I really just wanted to drop in and say hi! Cheers to a happy, food-filled and more committed 2016!





  1. March 12, 2016 / 10:21 AM

    Awww Congrats. You and bae look good. I’m so glad you are back,me,I’m waiting for all the stories o,I’d love to hear them. Congrats again,Happy Married Life. May God bless your marriage, increase the love between you two and bless ypu with beautiful children. Amen.

    • Tatashey
      March 16, 2016 / 12:01 PM

      Thanks Shakirat! And Amen!

  2. Efeose
    March 12, 2016 / 11:05 AM

    Yaaaaay…. Congratulations. God bless you and hubby. I must admit, I was a little bit vexed that you just dropped off the grid because I missed your posts, but thank God you’re back. Looking forward to good things and great laughs this year. No loss again o!!

    • Tatashey
      March 16, 2016 / 12:02 PM

      Aww I’m sorry 🙁 I’m back now so be happy with me pls 😀 No more disappearing

  3. Kani
    March 12, 2016 / 7:39 PM

    Amazing Photos!
    Return to Blogging Asap!

    • Tatashey
      March 16, 2016 / 12:03 PM

      Thanks Kani!

  4. March 13, 2016 / 6:07 PM


    • Tatashey
      March 16, 2016 / 12:03 PM


  5. Hannah
    March 14, 2016 / 7:44 AM

    Congrats! You both look amazing. May you have a beautiful, full, fulfilling life together.

    • Tatashey
      March 16, 2016 / 12:02 PM

      Thanks Hannah!

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